Coffee & Baking
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As much as cycling is a passion for us, our place wouldn’t be half as good without our specialty single origin coffee and homemade cakes. For our coffee beans we have an amazing cooperation with the boys from White Label Coffee, a micro roaster from Amsterdam which won best roaster at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival ’19. On top of that we make our espresso’s on a beautiful Kees van der Westen Mirage Idrocompresso 3 group levermachine which pushes the water through the coffee grinds from 12 to 0 bar creating a unique tasting profile making single origin coffee even more tasteful than on a traditional pump espresso machine. To make sure that our milky coffees are also top of the bill we only work with farm fresh Jersey Milk and for those preferring Vegan milky drinks, we also work with Oatly. In short, no matter how you drink your coffee, we’ll make sure it is one of the best you have ever tasted!

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For the baking we only work with fresh ingredients. As we cater a lot to athletes we try to make our cakes as delicious as possible while maintaining it to be a responsible treat to yourself. For our baking we also work together with world class professional cyclist Leah Kirchmann (Team Sunweb) and with her we made the perfect banana bread which is on our menu as the ‘Leah Kirchmann’s Banana Bread’. Next to that we also have several vegan cake options!

Photo by: Brian Megens Photography (