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Coffee Beans – The Barn – Ethiopia Chelbesa 250g


Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Roast: Filter / Espresso
Producer: Hailu Figa / SNAP
Altitude: 1950 – 2200 Meters
Varietal: Mixed Heirloom
Process: Washed

Chelbesa washing station is located in the village of Chelbesa, in the Gedeo Zone of Yirgacheffe. This coffee has distinct flavours of this region: Peach, chocolate and jasmine notes. With a silky body.

Chelbesa is located at an altitude of over 2000 m and it was only recently established by the SNAP company. Red cherries are collected from 476 small producers, who work the land around Chelbesa. The coffee grows here in semi-forest, under shade trees and close to food crops, such as bananas. SNAP has installed tiled fermentation tanks and 164 drying beds here; 100 are for washed coffees, 64 for natural coffees.

Hailu Figa is from the city of Gedeb. For 12 years this dynamic man has been involved in the coffee sector with the primary ambition of offering high quality coffee on the market. He knows the value of the crops from his native region and the cups characteristics of these coffees produced in fertile environments. Grown in the forest or in the garden, SNAPs coffees show a nice specificity in the cup. Hailu Figa works to reveal these qualities by bonding strong and long-term relationships with the locals. He himself says that the strong links created with local communities are the most beautiful aspect of his work.

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